Monday, July 6, 2015

Analyst wants Putrajaya to peg ringgit

Analyst wants Putrajaya to peg ringgit

Malaysia’s ringgit is sliding toward its fixed exchange rate of a decade ago and central bank assurances the weakness will prove temporary aren’t convincing everyone.

Putrajaya has been urged to revert to the system of pegging the ringgit to counter its current depreciation and enable it to stabilise.

Md Shukri Shuib, who is a senior lecturer in political and international studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia, said it was crucial to peg the ringgit because its sliding value could push up import costs, thus impacting the prices of essential goods.

"The fluctuating Ringgit will not only have a bearing on international trade but if left uncontrolled, it can lead to higher cost of living, and could become one of the factors behind the disruption of the three universal functions of politics, economy and social.

"There's little point in the nation garnering an income of RM104 billion from the tourism industry when millions of Malaysians are experiencing the negative effects of the ringgit's depreciation,"

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

One of the best ways to see the city's sights is by taking a 45 minute daytime or evening sightseeing cruise on a comfortable air-conditioned 76 seater cruise boat. Gondola-style boat rides are also available.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya also provides a "Dining Experience with a Difference" with DAUN, its luxury dining cruise boat. The DAUN comes complete with the trimmings of a 5-star food outlet except that on this special outlet, the scenery changes.

Sitting in the heart of Putrajaya, the 650ha Putrajaya Lake is the city's centrepiece, a blue watery expanse which blends across the different precincts and the single prevalent influence which calms and soothes.

It is also through this meandering lake that visitors can take a leisurely cruise to see and marvel at the city's many stunning landmarks and views. For many, it is only via the unique perspective accorded from this waterway that one can see and experience the most breathtaking sights of Putrajaya.

Visitors can choose from two different modes of transportation when cruising Putrajaya Lake - by passenger cruise boat or the gondola like vessels designed to the style of local Malay traditional perahu.

The air-conditioned cruise boat seats more than 70 persons comfortably and allows all passengers an unbridled view of the spectacular vista that is Putrajaya with its wrap-around glass windows.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Putrajaya Lake may become new source of water supply

SEPANG: Putrajaya Body of water, other than like a tourist sketch plus a area with regard to mineral water athletics, can be a brand-new method to obtain mineral water supply with regard to people inside Klang Vly. That is in case mineral water inside dams achieve important levels due to El Nino sensation, and that is required to strike the united states towards the end on this thirty day period, affirms the power,

Environmentally friendly Technology and Water Ministry. Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid stated different seas being considered for the similar function included the actual Mines inside Seri Kembangan.
On the other hand, this individual stated the actual shift might solely be produced following confirmation with the Health Ministry of which mineral water inside these seas were being secure with regard to consumption. 

He stated this particular option method to obtain mineral water was among the recommendations being tabled with the first conference of the El Nino Panel chaired by simply Deputy Prime Minister Color Sri Muhyiddin Yassin with Monday. “We in addition decide to obtain metro mineral water to dietary supplement the river supply essential, no matter whether with regard to home or manufacturing employ throughout the dried time.

 “The El Nino Panel, nevertheless, would have to first obtain files with mineral water levels inside dams throughout the state previous to making a decision, ” this individual explained to reporters following opening Track Motel KLIA2 the following last night. He stated the actual hot weather encountered due to the fact the other day has not been due to El Nino sensation but brought on by the actual free airline monsoon from the Native indian Underwater. Syarikat Bekalan Fresh air Selangor (Syabas) stated the actual unscheduled mineral water supply disruption in numerous locations inside Klang Vly lately was brought on by increased require due to scorching and dried temperature.

 Company marketing communications and general public matters Office normal manager Priscilla Alfred stated the existing capacity involving handled mineral water cannot meet the substantial improve, specifically throughout maximum a long time.

 “So a lot, there exists a rise involving 2% to 5% inside mineral water consumption inside Klang Vly, having an average of 225 to three hundred litres involving mineral water consumption every individual each day since the dried temperature took place. “Syabas will be supervising the matter and motion will be consumed with many complaints and feedback received. ” — Bernama.

Putrajaya Bridge

Project Description: Construction of Putrajaya bridge started in June 1998 and was completed in 2000. The bridge consists of 2 pylons which is 53 m. high and 1 arch bridge which is 32 m. high.
The main span length is equal to 300 m.
For hangers of arch, 50 tons of 46 BBR DINA 120 dia. 7 mm. are installed..
For stay cables, 750 tons of 84 BBR CONA are installed; 44 main cable stay and 40 for back stay cables, with lengths varying from 60 to 160 m. .

Technical Specifications: .
Span: 1 span of 300 m .
Stay Arrangement: Double plane .
Superstructure: Deck width: 32 m,.
Shape: box girder,.
Material: precast concrete .
Pylon: 2 pylons,.
Height: 53 m,.
Material: in situ concrete .
Arches: Span: 300 m,.
Height: 32 m,.
Material: steel .
Stay Cables: 84 BBR CONA from 43 x 0.6" to 91 x 0.6",.
Total quantity: 750 t,.
Cable lengths: from 60 to 160 m .
Hangers: 46 BBR DINA 120 dia. 7 mm,.
Total quantity: 50t .